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1345 11th Panel 28
Land dividend as a means to overcome the rent-seeking mental model
강남훈 Nam-Hoon Kang
1344 11th Panel 28
The stratification of youth precarious labour market in the South Korean service economy
이승윤 (Sophia) Seung-yoon Lee, 백승호 Seung-ho Baek
1343 11th Panel 28
Exploring the gender gap in welfare attitudes: Occupational skills and perceptions of pay equity
이철성 Chul-Sung Lee, 황인혜 In-Hye Hwang, 임현지 Hyun-Ji Lim
1342 11th Panel 27
Estimating Inequality of Opportunity with Machine Learning Techniques in Korea
전병유 Byung You Cheon, 정준호 Jun Ho Jeong
1341 11th Panel 27
Distributional Effects of Imputed Rents in Korea and International Comparison
김낙년 Nak Nyeon Kim
1340 11th Panel 27
Complementarity and Hierarchy: An Institutionalist Account of New Tax Models in Japan and Korea
박성호 Sung Ho Park
1339 11th Panel 26
Changing public opinion on universal basic income in South Korea
유종성 Jong-sung You
1338 11th Panel 26
Economic Inequality, Mass-Elite Communication, and Political Polarization in South Korea
하은영 Eunyoung Ha
1337 11th Panel 26
When Do Homeowners Feel the Same as Renters? Housing Price Appreciation and Subjective Well-being in South Korea
강우창 Woo Chang Kang
1336 11th Panel 25
‘Carbon Neutrality’ with or without nuclear energy? The ideas of nuclear energy in South Korean public discourse (2020-2022)
김보현 Bohyun Kim