The Academy of Korean Studies, Understanding Korea Project Office invites overseas experts in elementary, middle, and high school education or textbooks to support for “Development of Educational Materials and Activities for Understanding Korea.”

Support recipients

overseas experts in elementary, middle, or high school education and textbooks authors

Support category
Support category, Domains of support
Support category Domains of support
Development of Educational Materials for Understanding Korea Development of textbooks, supplementary teaching materials, lesson plants, etc. for teaching about Korea
Korea-related educational audiovisual materials such as scholastic films, documentaries, and YouTube videos
Production of photographic (image) collections, etc.
Understanding Korea Activities Various activities geared towards teachers, students, or education/textbook experts (teacher training, Korean cultural classes, etc.).

Support amount

up to KRW 50 million per project (the amount of assistance may vary according to the nature of each project.)


Announcement of Application Guideline in April → Evaluation (professional/comprehensive) → Selection Result in May


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