The Korean Studies Grant Program provides academic support for scholars of Korean Studies affiliated with overseas universities or research institutes with the aim of revitalizing and improving Korean Studies programs overseas. In the latter half of each year, candidates are selected through open competitions and provided with support for their academic activities related to Korean studies in five categories. All Korean Studies scholars from overseas universities and research institutes are welcome to apply.


Researchers affiliated with educational or research institutions outside of Korea

Field of Support

Field of Support: Category, Area of Support
Category Area of Support
Academic Research Individual /Joint Research
Conference and Workshop Conference or Workshop on Korean Studies by Region (Country) / Topic
Scholarly Publication Publication of Journal in Korean Studies
Publication of Book in Korean Studies
Educational and Cultural Program Lectures and Education Program
Cultural Events that Help Promote an Understanding of Korean Culture
Translation of Overseas Korean Studies Monographs Translation and Domestic Publication of Books on Korea Originally Published Overseas

Support Amount

  • Annual Budget: KRW 15 million in total (approx.)
  • Number of Annual Projects: 90 (approx.)
  • Budget Application by Project: Apply freely depending on the scale of the project. Decisions are made by considering the validity of budget planning during the evaluation (no separate upper limit).


Announcement of Application Guideline in August → Evaluation (professional/comprehensive) → Selection Result in December


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