The World Conference of Korean Studies, hosted by the Academy of Korean Studies and jointly organized by Korean Studies associations around the world, is a large-scale Korean Studies Conference that has been held biennially since 2002. Major themes in the field of Korean Studies are selected for each conference with the aim of promoting Korean Studies worldwide and building a network of Korean researchers.

Previous Themes
Previous Themes: Year, Dates, Location, Themes
Year Dates Location Themes
11 10.20. - 10.21.2022 Korea (Seongnam) Korean Culture Shared with the World
10 10.22.2020 Korea (Seongnam) Korean Studies, Past and Present
9 09.12. - 09.14.2018 Korea (Seongnam) Human Civilizations and Korean Studies
8 10.05. - 10.07.2016 USA (Philadelphia) Korean Culture, Seeking Insights for the Future
7 11.05. - 11.07.2014 USA (Hawaii) Korean Studies, a New Perspective on Global Humanities
6 09.25. - 09.26.2012 Korea (Seongnam) Transforming Korean Tradition: Past and Present
5 10.25. - 10.28.2010 Taiwan (Taipei) Korean Studies for the Advancement of Global Civilization
4 09.21. - 09.24.2008 Korea (Seoul) Korean Studies Interfacing with the World
3 10.27. - 10.29.2006 Korea (Jeju) Cultural Interaction with Korea: From the Silk Road to the Korean Wave
2 02.02. - 02.04.2005 China (Beijing) Korean Studies in the Era of Reconciliation and Cooperation
1 07.18. - 07.20.2002 Korea (Seongnam) Embracing the Other: Interaction between Korean and Foreign Cultures

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