You can check the Understanding Korea materials published by the Center for International Affairs.

If projects analyzing foreign textbooks and improving textbooks are direct methods to improve the image of Korea abroad, then the development of materials to raise international awareness about Korean history and culture can be said to be a “preventative” approach to the same problem. Information on Korea that can be referred to during class or textbook production is produced based on evaluations of Korean-related contents in foreign textbooks and classifying common problems by country or region.

CEFIA is producing materials in various languages in each field to introduce Korea and distributing this information to education-related agencies and organizations as well as institutes and scholars working on Korean Studies throughout the world. In this way, we are striving to ensure that accurate information on Korea is used during the writing of textbooks and while conducting Korea-related research. We have also moved beyond providing such information to only middle and high school students and begun producing materials that are appropriate for average citizens so that more people than ever can come to know about Korea.