AKS Fellowship

AKS Fellowship

The AKS Fellowship is a program designed to support foreign Korean Studies scholars who wish to reside in Korea and there to conduct academic activities related to Korean Studies.


Researchers from overseas universities who major in Korean Studies (Korean applicants must hold permanent residency of the relevant country). Applicants must be a candidate for or holder of doctorate degree.

Support Details
  • Airfare: 1 economy roundtrip ticket.
  • Monthly Stipend : 2,000,000 won
  • Supporting Period : up to 1 year.
  • Available Facilities : Laboratories, libraries, and many more. Guesthouse on the AKS premises (charged).
  • Fellows are expected to present research results at an AKS Colloquium and to submit their research paper (presentation paper) before the termination of their research period.
  • Any publication that results from this program should acknowledge the support from the AKS Fellowship Program and 2 original copies of said publication should be submitted to the AKS.

Annual recruitment notice in September → Notification of Acceptance in December


E-mail : fellowship@aks.ac.kr