Title Call for Applications: The Academy of Korean Studies Program for Educators in North America
Date 2021-03-31 Views 798
Event Period 2021-07-07 ~ 2021-07-09 Reception Period 2021-04-01 ~ 2021-04-30
Participation Method E-mail

The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) is pleased to announce a call for applications for a webinar entitled "The AKS Program for Educators in North America." The AKS, a South Korean government-funded research institution, is planning to hold a webinar from July 6~8, 2021 in which education seminar entitled “Teaching Korea in North American Schools” and lectures about various aspects of Korea including history, society and culture are delivered and participants will present and discuss relevant topics. This program is designed for educating secondary school teachers teaching social studies, educators, textbook authors, school district officials and college or university professors at the undergraduate level who are interested in Korea.


On the first and second day of the program, participants will give presentations on and discuss teaching Korea in North American Schools and Korea-related contents in North American textbooks or educational materials. On the third day, prominent scholars and experts will deliver lectures about Korean history, society and culture and discuss relevant topics with participants.


* All participants must have a webinar compatible application (For example ZOOM).



Date : July 6 ~ 8, 2021 (19:00 ~ 21:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time)

    ※ July 7 ~ 9, 2021 (08:00 ~ 10:00 a.m. Korean Standard Time)

- 1st day: July 6, 2021 (Tues.) Education Seminar, Session Ⅰ

- 2nd day: July 7, 2021 (Wed.) Education Seminar, Session Ⅱ

- 3rd day: July 8, 2021 (Thurs.) Lecture


Eligibility : Secondary school social studies (history, geography, economics, and so on) teachers and educators, textbook authors, school district officials and college or university professors who:
- have an interest in teaching about Korea
- have an interest in writing about Korea in textbooks or creating Korea-related educational materials


How to Apply
- Applicants are required to complete and submit an application form that can be downloaded here.


Application Deadline : April 30 (Fri.), 2021
- Successful applicants will be notified individually by the middle of May 2021.
- Successful applicants must submit their presentation by June 14 (Mon.), 2021 and should attend the seminar and the lectures.
- Speakers will be paid a small honorarium for their presentation.


Please note the following
- Send applications to the following address aksprogram@aks.ac.kr with the subject line “The AKS Program for Educators in North America."
- Submissions should be made electronically. All documents must be in PDF format.
- The file name should be: Last name, First name. For example: Washington, George


Contacts : Academy of Korean Studies, Center for International Affairs, Understanding Korea Project

- Program Manager : Dr. Kim, Dahee

- E-mail : aksprogram@aks.ac.kr