Title The 29th AKS Summer Program for International Students
Date 2020-12-31 Views 743

The Division for the Promotion of Korean Studies Abroad of AKS’s Center for International Affairs hosted the 29th AKS Summer Program for International Students for three weeks from November 30 (Monday) through December 18 (Friday), 2020. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, undergraduate students majoring in Korean studies at international universities cannot visit Korea. Instead, the program was held using an online platform and included real-time Korean language classes and Korean studies lectures.


Each year, the program typically includes around 25 students from countries all over the world. However, we were able to include 40 students from 34 countries this year thanks to the benefits of an online program.


The online Korean language classes were split into three sections in order to accommodate students in different time zones around the world. They were taught according to the student’s level and ability. The classes were taught systematically by instructors in Korea at 9:00 am (Asia and South America), 2:00 pm (Eastern Europe and the Middle East), and 4:00 pm (Western Europe).


The Korean studies lectures included various and interesting topics like Korean history, economy, films, K-pop, traditional music, and food. The lectures were given by experts in each field and pre-recorded. The recordings were then uploaded to an online education site, and the students could find the lectures to watch individually.


Even in the midst of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we were able to provide these online Korean language classes and Korean studies lectures. We hope to be able to satisfy the demands of undergraduate students abroad who wish to learn more about Korean culture.