Title 2024 Textbook Seminar for Educators of Austria
Date 2024-05-08 Views 141

The Division of the Understanding Korea Project of the Center for International Affairs at the Academy of Korean Studies held the 'Textbook Seminar for Educators of Austria' from April 22 to April 28, 2024. The program focused on encouraging the educators to suggest revisions or additions of Korean-related content to Austrian textbooks. It also provided them with opportunities to learn about and experience firsthand the inter-Korean relations, education, economy, history, and culture of contemporary Korea.


During the textbook seminar, the participants explored concrete ways of cooperation between the two countries to ensure that Austrian textbooks are enriched with Korean content in the future. In a meeting with the Vice President of the Academy, the Austrian educators had the opportunity to exchange in-depth opinions on the universal, specific, and sustainable values of both Korea and Austria, as well as discuss future cooperation plans. They also visited the AKS Archives of International Textbooks to compare and review textbooks from various countries around the world.


Through lectures, they learned more about Korea, including its hopes for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula, perceptions of inter-Korean relations, the current status of Korea’s education system and digital education, and Korea’s economic development. The group visited Seongnam Foreign Language High School and met with experts from MiraeN Textbook Publishing Company to gain a better understanding of education and textbooks in Korea today. They also visited Imjingak, Dorasan Observatory, and the Third Tunnel of Aggression to share Koreans’ hopes for peace following the division of Korea. Their visit to the UNESCO-listed Changdeokgung Palace and excursions to Cheonggyecheon Museum and major Seoul neighborhoods deepened their understanding of Korea’s history, culture, and geography.


The Austrian textbook educators expressed that their interest in Korea was further enhanced by experiencing various aspects of Korean culture during the seminar, and they promised to continue exchanges and cooperation with the Division of Understanding Korea Project in the future.