The Review of Korean Studies
오픈 액세스 마크 저작자표시-비영리-변경금지 라이선스
The Review of Korean Studies
  • Print ISSN 1229-0076
  • Online ISSN 2733-9351
  • Publication Dates Biannual in June and December
  • Indexed in SCOPUS, ESCI, KCI, and MLA
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The Review of Korean Studies 목록: Num, Vol-Issue, Title, Author(s), Date, File로 구성
Num Vol-Issue Title Author(s) Date File
671 24-1 [Special Feature] Ceramic Culture of Goryeo LEE Kang Hahn 2021-06 파일
670 24-1 Perception of Goryeo Celadon in the Context of the Late Joseon Period JANG Namwon 2021-06 파일
669 24-1 Plantain Designs on Goryeo Celadon, How They Developed, and What They Meant LEE Jun-kwang 2021-06 파일
668 24-1 The Emergence and Iconography of Seosu (Auspicious Beasts) in the Twelfth-century Goryeo Celadon KIM Yunjueong 2021-06 파일
667 24-1 The Origin and Symbolic Meanings: of the Designs on the 12th century Goryeo Celadon Roof Tiles CHO Eun Jung 2021-06 파일
666 24-1 Utilization of Earthenware Pottery for Food Storage in the Goryeo Period HAN HyeSun 2021-06 파일
665 24-1 [Articles] The Tang-Song Poetry Debate in Joseon Christina HAN 2021-06 파일
664 24-1 Political Reconciliation through the Performing Arts: Selected Activities of Koreans in Early Twentieth-century Hawai‘i Heeyoung CHOI 2021-06 파일
663 24-1 The Haunted Maiden Deities on Jeju Island Hea-Kyoung KOH 2021-06 파일
662 24-1 A Study on Trauma Aspects in Cho Se-Hee’s Novels―Focusing on A Small Ball Shot up by A Dwarf and A Thorn Fish Coming into My Net Hsui Yung CHANG 2021-06 파일