The Review of Korean Studies
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The Review of Korean Studies
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729 26-1 [Special Feature] Joseon Confucianism in the 19th century: Challenges and Response LEE Kang Hahn 2023-06 파일
728 26-1 The Understanding of and Response to Western Learning by Confucian Scholars of the Yeongnam Region in the 19th Century BAEK Minjung 2023-06 파일
727 26-1 Choe Hangi’s Gihak: Universal Science and the Fusion of Eastern and Western Knowledge KIM Seonhee 2023-06 파일
726 26-1 Historical Semantics of Confucianism during the Transitional Period of Modern Korea LEE Haenghoon 2023-06 파일
725 26-1 [Articles] Hwarangs and Yueguang Tongzi: A New Analysis of the Relationship, With the Help of Textual Philology Marco CAMPA 2023-06 파일
724 26-1 Landscape-Enjoying through the Pavilions of Bubyeongnu and Yeongwangjeong as Reflected in the Literature of the Joseon Dynasty JO Yoong-hee 2023-06 파일
723 26-1 Korean and Chinese Settlers and Migrant Workers in the Soviet Far East (1920–1930) Zhanna SON 2023-06 파일
722 26-1 The Elevation of Ulleungdo from an Island to a Province and the Korean Government’s Expression of Governmentality as Territorial Nationalism Kyu-hyun JO 2023-06 파일
721 26-1 [Special Review] Korean Collections in U.S. Museums of Art LEE Kang Hahn 2023-06 파일
720 26-1 Promoting the Study of Korean Art in the United States: Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida (2008–2019) Jason STEUBER 2023-06 파일