The Review of Korean Studies
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The Review of Korean Studies
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741 26-2 [Special Feature] Korean Literature: Foreign Perspectives LEE Kang Hahn 2023-12 파일
740 26-2 Metaphorical Figurations of Transcendence in 16th Century Literati Gasa Marion EGGERT and Elsa KUEPPERS 2023-12 파일
739 26-2 Unhappy Confucians, Take Heed! Reading Seoljam Kim Siseup’s Geumo sinhwa as Anti-Religious Propaganda-Fiction Dennis WUERTHNER 2023-12 파일
738 26-2 Continued Journey: Women’s Travel Kasa in Early Twentieth Century Korea Ji-Eun LEE 2023-12 파일
737 26-2 Verisimilitudes between Novels and Musok: Exploring Narrative Characteristics Antonetta L. BRUNO 2023-12 파일
736 26-2 [Article] Perspectives on Improvement of Network for Supporting Foreign Students to Realize Multicultural Society in Korea JEONG Meeryang 2023-12 파일
735 26-2 [Special Review] Korean Digital Archives LEE Kang Hahn 2023-12 파일
734 26-2 The Public Website on Museum Collections in Korea “eMuseum” and the Website of the National Museum of Korea KANG Hanla and KWON Hyuk-san 2023-12 파일
733 26-2 The Repository of Cultural Heritage Research Information: “E-Connect to Cultural Heritage Knowledge” (Archives of Cultural Heritage Research Information) Baek Ju-hyun 2023-12 파일
732 26-2 Review of the Archival Systems of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea Jeehee LEE 2023-12 파일