The Review of Korean Studies
오픈 액세스 마크 저작자표시-비영리-변경금지 라이선스
The Review of Korean Studies
  • Print ISSN 1229-0076
  • Online ISSN 2733-9351
  • Publication Dates Biannual in June and December
  • Indexed in SCOPUS, ESCI, KCI, and MLA
페이지 1 / 66 ( 총 게시물 655 개 )
The Review of Korean Studies 목록: Num, Vol-Issue, Title, Author(s), Date, File로 구성
Num Vol-Issue Title Author(s) Date File
655 23-2 [Special Feature] Joseon Neo-Confucianism, Viewed from Different Angles LEE Kang Hahn 2020-12 파일
654 23-2 The Learning of Principle and the Governing by Culture in Joseon LEE Bongkyoo 2020-12 파일
653 23-2 The Relationship between Neo-Confucianism and Korean Literature AHN Daehoe 2020-12 파일
652 23-2 The Confucian Concept of Li 禮: The Transition from “Worship Rituals” to “Governance Norms HAN Jae Hoon 2020-12 파일
651 23-2 [Articles] “Speaking Women” and Performativity in Dialogic Texts in Colonial Korea Ji Young SHIN 2020-12 파일
650 23-2 Exploring the Meaning Double Nostalgia in the Life Histories of Sakhalin Koreans Youngsoon KIM, Seungeun CHOI, and Bongsu PARK 2020-12 파일
649 23-2 Sentence Patterns in German and Korean: Syntactic and Semantic Aspects of the Basic Weather Expressions Shinhyoung KANG and Manfred KIENPOINTNER 2020-12 파일
648 23-2 [Special Review] Korean Cultural Heritage in North Korea—Past, Present, and Future of South and North Koreas’ Collaborative Exchanges LEE Kang Hahn 2020-12 파일
647 23-2 Achievements and Future Prospects of the Kaesong Manwoldae Excavation, Main Palace of Goryeo CHO Eunkyung 2020-12 파일
646 23-2 Policies for Protection and Management of Cultural Properties in Kaesong City, Trends and Changes LEE Sang Jun 2020-12 파일