The Review of Korean Studies
오픈 액세스 마크 저작자표시-비영리-변경금지 라이선스
The Review of Korean Studies
  • Print ISSN 1229-0076
  • Online ISSN 2733-9351
  • Publication Dates Biannual in June and December
  • Indexed in SCOPUS, ESCI, KCI, and MLA
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686 24-2 [Special Feature] Korean Music: Domestic and Foreign Perspectives LEE Kang Hahn 2021-12 파일
685 24-2 The Symbols and Cultural Implications of the Court Music of the Joseon Dynasty LIM Misun 2021-12 파일
684 24-2 The Court Music, Private Music, and Notation System of the Joseon Dynasty during 15th-19th centuries Explored through the Korean Goakbo (Old Music Score) CHOI Sun-a 2021-12 파일
683 24-2 Gagok (Lyric Songs) Performed and Enjoyed: A Synchronic View of Its Performance with a Focus on “Mandaeyeop,” “Jungdaeyeop,” and “Sakdaeyeop” SUNG Kiryun 2021-12 파일
682 24-2 Female Masculinity and Cultural Symbolism: A History of Yeoseong gukgeuk, the All-Female Cast Theatrical Genre Ju-Yong HA 2021-12 파일
681 24-2 [Articles] Asiatic Motifs and Korean Identity Inherent in Korean Myths: Wolf, Serpent, and Bird Byungmin AN 2021-12 파일
680 24-2 The Agency of Hoseung (Foreign Monk 胡僧) in Cotton Dissemination in the Goryeo-Joseon Transition Period: A Korean Case of Medieval Globalism In-Sung Kim HAN 2021-12 파일
679 24-2 Dreams in Wartime: Dream Records and Dream Interpretation Recorded in 1592 in O Huimun’s Swaemirok (Record of a Refugee 瑣尾錄) Michael C. E. FINCH 2021-12 파일
678 24-2 [Special Review] Korean Cultural Legacies, Recognized as Part of the World Cultural Heritage LEE Kang Hahn 2021-12 파일
677 24-2 Seowon, Korean Neo-Confucian Academies, Historic Villages of Korea: Hahoe and Yangdong, and Sansa, Buddhist Mountain Monasteries in Korea LEE Sang Hae 2021-12 파일