The Review of Korean Studies
오픈 액세스 마크 저작자표시-비영리-변경금지 라이선스
The Review of Korean Studies
  • Print ISSN 1229-0076
  • Online ISSN 2733-9351
  • Publication Dates Biannual in June and December
  • Indexed in SCOPUS, ESCI, KCI, and MLA
페이지 1 / 64 ( 총 게시물 639 개 )
The Review of Korean Studies 목록: Num, Vol-Issue, Title, Author(s), Date, File로 구성
Num Vol-Issue Title Author(s) Date File
639 23-1 [Materials on Korean Studies] Chapter 47 of the Samguk sagi: An Annotated Translation of Biographies of Haeron and Others KWON Jee-eun & SHIN Jeongsoo 2020-06 파일
638 23-1 The Age of Transition and Leap: Trends in Korean Craft Study (2000-2020) SHIN Suk 2020-06 파일
637 23-1 Review: Exhibition and Research on Korean Buddhist Sculpture Since 2000 HEO Hyeong Uk 2020-06 파일
636 23-1 Exhibition and Research on Korean Buddhist Painting JEONG Myounghee 2020-06 파일
635 23-1 Archiving and Contextualization: Exhibitions and Researches on Korean Painting Since 2000 LEE Soomi 2020-06 파일
634 23-1 [Special Review] Korean Art, Studies and Exhibitions (2000-2019) LEE Kang Hahn 2020-06 파일
633 23-1 A Transnational Grassroots Movement: Jinja Shintō and Japanese Religions in the Pre-Colonial Joseon Society David W. KIM 2020-06 파일
632 23-1 Western Travelers in Colonial Korea: Foreign Perceptions on Legitimacy of the Japanese Rule and the Two Nations Álvaro Trigo MALDONADO 2020-06 파일
631 23-1 Last Journey to America: Deportation of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho (1924-1926) Edward Taehan CHANG 2020-06 파일
630 23-1 By the Translator's Discretion: A Study of Xíngshì yán into Hangeul Jing YAN and Jieun KIAER 2020-06 파일