Korean Cuisine_The Understanding Korea Series (UKS) 11
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The eleventh volume in the Understanding Korea Series, Korean Cuisine seeks to illuminate the history of Korean cuisine, particularly vis-à-vis its formation and transformation through myriad exchanges and hybridizations from ancient times to the present. In this relatively brief volume, Professor Joo vividly narrativizes the long diachronic processes of how certain foods, beverages, and sauces now deeply entwined with the Korean people and culture - such as soy sauce, soybean paste, kimchi, soju, seolleongtang, gimbap, jjajangmyeon, japchae, fried chicken, budae jjigae, ramyeon (ramen), galbi, and samgyeopsal, just to mention a few - came to be enjoyed as part and parcel of a quotidian Korean menu.


Korean Cuisine_The Understanding Korea Series (UKS) 11