2022 Infokorea : An Essential Guide for Educators
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Infokorea is a magazine that introduces Korea to readers overseas, including teachers, textbook developers and other educators. The magazine offers the latest statistics on the Republic of Korea and articles that focus on Korean culture, society and history, which can be used as a reference source for textbook writers and editors and as materials for teachers to prepare for class.


● Statistics
1. Territory / Population / Household
2. Crime and Safety
3. Labor
4. Income, Consumption and Wealth
5. Health / Welfare
6. Education and Training
7. Culture and Leisure
8. Housing / Construction
9. Corporate Business
10. Agriculture and Forestry / Fishery
11. Mining and Manufacturing
12. Transport and Traffic / Information and Communication
13. Retail and Wholesale
14. Wages and Salaries / Prices
15. National Accounts
16. Government and Finance
17. Finance
18. Trade and Balance of Payments
19. Environment / Science and Technology
20. Energy

Statistics on Korean Education

● Feature
A Brief Reflection on the Halmoni and Their Struggle to Tell the Truth
2022 Infokorea : An Essential Guide for Educators