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Korea Journal
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4091 63-3 When Colonial Korea Met Fascism: Power, Desire, and Adolf Hitler in Public Discourse, 1931–1945 Seungyop SHIN 2023-09 파일
4090 63-3 The Embedded Hybridity of Ethical Consumerism: At the Nexus of Consumer Justice Movements and Social Economies in South Korea Taekyoon KIM 2023-09 파일
4089 63-3 Redefining Medical Knowledge in a Nineteenth-Century Encyclopedia for Women Janet Yoon-sun LEE 2023-09 파일
4088 63-3 Building Cultural Identities of the Korean Nation-State: An Analysis of Musical Elements in The Rose of Sharon (1948) Heeyoung CHOI 2023-09 파일
4087 63-3 Conceptions of Foreignness and Koreanness in Itaewon Class Scott SHEPHERD 2023-09 파일
4086 63-3 Goguryeo’s Orientation Toward the Material Culture of the Han Period (漢代): A Preliminary Discussion Jin-won KANG 2023-09 파일
4085 63-3 A Policy Text Created from History: Choi Hyung Sup’s Theory of Scientific and Technological Development Applicable to Developing Countries Manyong MOON 2023-09 파일
4084 63-3 The Global Hegemony of Korean Universities under US Influence: Examining the Experiences of Thai Students Studying at Korean Universities Huikyong PANG and Kitinut ONSEE 2023-09 파일
4083 63-3 [Book Review] Contentious Relations: Christianity and Modern State-building in Korea Sandra H. PARK 2023-09 파일
4082 63-3 [Book Review] Reading Against the Grain in and for Memory Construction and the Politics of Time Jesook SONG 2023-09 파일