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Application of Understanding Korea Materials

Nowadays, in the era of information technology, people multitask every day, drowning in an endless stream of news, events, and various acquaintances. At the same time, it is very important to pay attention to reading. In any case, useful reading broadens a person's horizons, enriches his inner world, makes him more intelligent and has a positive effect on his remembering. It increases a person's vocabulary, contributes to the development of clearer and straighter thinking, which allows you to formulate and express your thoughts better. It should be kept in mind that no other process of human activity does not give such a simultaneous load on the different parts of the brain as reading. And if you choose to read about things you want to know more about, from the history of a certain country to the origins of your favorite movie, you are combining usefulness with interest. The choice of genre is up to you, because there are a bunch of useful magazines, books, educational sources on the expanses of the Internet that you can find in an instant and enrich yourself with the right sources. As an individual who is interested in Korea and Korean culture, the "Understanding Korea materials" are to my liking. Their purpose is to introduce foreigners interested in Korean history more in-depth and reveals other aspects that are very interesting to read. It helps to understand the history of the emergence and development of various civilizations and builds a sequence of periods. With hundreds of color illustrations, it will literally bring the history of the Korean people to life and show how people in this country lived, built, and worked over the centuries. Comprehensive maps as well as chronologies will focus reader's attention on the turning points and key events, while captions to the illustrations and comments will complete the picture, transmitting the most striking and interesting moments of history. There are few people in my circle who have heard of these materials, thereby missing out on the opportunity to learn and delve into the history of the Korean people, which is not very satisfying. Therefore, today I would like to share some ways that would increase the popularity of these materials and help in the development of these resources in the future.

We all know that every country that cooperates with South Korea has its own embassy centers and various places that will do you a favor in getting information about this wonderful country. Of course, the primary purpose of the center is to disseminate and familiarize people with Korea and Korean culture. It also promotes interaction and cooperation, builds the professionalism of foreigners who have an interest in this country, and improves their knowledge of the Korean language. On their sites, you can see various lists of anticipated events, useful information that will help you and open up some information that you have not encountered before. However, you can't find "Understanding Korea materials" on the cultural centers' website, which is really disappointing. Under such circumstances, I think cooperation with the embassy and the hubs under them would be beneficial, because as a result of intensive cooperation the professional relationship and recognition of the material would reach a new quality. In addition, the sites are reviewed every day by the younger generation who are interested like me, which would play as a tremendous asset as a promotion. This will lead to more coverage of this material and will increase the viewability ratings of "Understanding Korea". It's no news to loyal readers that each release in this production series contains so much relevant stuff, which is not simple to find on the vast expanses of the Internet. Any episode can be cited as an example since reading them you are invariably inspired by the personalities as well as the history of the past and become a direct participant in the events of the past that have shaped modern society in Korea. That is, each issue is a source of collective experience. With its broad coverage of contemporary affairs, the coexistence of the material in the pages of each edition will serve as an encyclopedic magazine that deals with topics on any social and historical issue, thereby shaping public opinion and influencing the aesthetic tastes of its readers. It plays a crucial role in fostering intellectual growth and development not only for foreigners but also for Koreans themselves. As far as I am concerned, this collaborative move will steadily improve interest and relevance among consumers at the same time as helping us increase our horizons while allowing us to expand cultural baggage.

Proponents of e-books argue that modern gadgets for reading are much better than their hopelessly outdated paper counterparts. They do not take up much space, are significantly inferior to printed publications in price and, most importantly, are not harmful to the environment. Partly they are right, but still there is something in multipage volumes that is unlikely to find a quality replacement. Moreover, as we know, the printed version of educational materials, academic books are better remembered and generally perceived by the reader. According to studies, it is the text on paper that evokes more experiences in the reader than the electronic version. The cover, the quality of the paper, the image, the font, the tactile sensation, the ability to turn pages, look at the table of contents, the smell create a unique atmosphere. My point is that, it would be great if these materials were issued in our country and would be on sale in paper format. With the advent of the printed version, the information that is released on the "Understanding Korea materials" will be imprinted in the memory more deeply, they become a full-fledged adventure, will break out of the general flow of information and give not only the facts but also feelings. In this case, it is worth it to release them not only in small quantities, but it would be wonderful if we could see them on the shelves of bookstores. And it only makes sense to get it on the store shelf if its recognition is supported by all possible ways of publicity and popularization. But in spite of this, connoisseurs of this kind of work will be found and there will always be a demand for them, I have no doubt about it. Because these materials justify their worthiness by the high quality of valuable data, beautiful visual images and many other important factors that will play to their advantage and will arouse interest among fans of reading.

Even for people who are passionate about reading, it can be problematic to find the time and possibility of their favorite hobby. In this situation, active modern people are increasingly choosing audiobooks, because they provide an opportunity not just to pass the time on the road, in training or for household purposes, but also to get acquainted with an interesting story, learn something new and gain useful knowledge. They help concentrate attention and absorb a lot of information by ear, contributing to the development of memory. Therefore, as an option, I suggest releasing audio versions of "Understanding Korea materials". After all, they are a great alternative to any printed publication. Many sites for posting audiobooks have categories with scientific lectures and informative articles. Thus, adding these materials to a range of those sites, you can engage in personal development at any convenient time for you. Moreover, listening to them in audio format, you can for a while to distract from everyday concerns and even get rid of stress. This is because while listening we focus on the voice of the narrator and drown out our thoughts, so they do not interfere with our enjoyment of the story. In addition, it is useful to practice the language, you will discover many new phrases and will not hesitate when pronouncing them, and you also save your eyesight. In general, materials in audio-format have many benefits: they are comfortable enough, have a positive effect on our health, they are easy to find through the Internet and on special mobile applications. In addition, many of them are also free. Is this a reason to start releasing "Understanding Korea materials" in an audio version?

Between the past and the present exists a delicate distinction. Whatever happened many years ago can affect matters that occur at present. And so it is not for nothing that they say, "We make history" or "History begins with today"! In this case, leaning towards these factors, I would like to see in the next editions of your material about contemporary Korean culture in the present tense, that we lean towards the data that struck foreigners in this specific country. For example, we can take K-pop bands. By writing about the labors, results, and achievements of this industry, the prominence of "Understanding Korea material" will increase precisely. And feedback from fans won't be long in coming, because there are many small news publishers in different social networks that will naturally pay attention to your publication.

No wonder the American writer Robert Heinlein said, "A generation which ignores history has no past and no future". After all, it really does matter, and each generation creates a new history. I can only imagine the future of our world with a careful and thoughtful attitude to both our historical heritage and the nature that surrounds us. Tomorrow will bring new discoveries. Perhaps they will help us study the archaeological findings more accurately, and we will get new, more detailed information about the distant past. For it is often in the past that the answers to the questions that the present poses to us are found. And the main thing that history offers us is that there is nothing more important and precious in our lives than peaceful development and enlightenment. Therefore, the "Understanding Korea materials" are really essential, and we must make an effort to improve and promote them. Because in this way, we not only enrich the knowledge of foreigners who are interested in Korean people and their history, but at the same time, we will also make a way to create enlightened young people that will help develop the history of the world and build a new generation with their discoveries.

[Participation Prize]
Khimelden Aruzhan

(Country of Activity : Kazakhstan)

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