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The Understanding Korea Series 12

A History of Korean Women

Book cover - Author : Chung Hyun Back, Kim Sun-joo, Kwon Soon-hyung, Chung Hae-Eun, Shin Youngsook, Lee Im Ha
- Publisher : The Academy of Korean Studies
- Published date : December 2021
- Language : English

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The twelfth volume in the Understanding Korea Series, A History of Korean Women explains the history of Korean women from prehistoric times to the present. This book, which is divided into distinct periods, is designed to help readers understand the history of Korean women's lives and challenges, their endeavors under the restrictions of their times, and their efforts to overcome the prejudices and contradictions of their milieux.


Chapter 1
  Women in the Prehistoric and Ancient Period
Chapter 2
  Women in Goryeo Society
Chapter 3
  Women in Joseon Society
Chapter 4
  Women in Modern Korea
Chapter 5
  Women in Contemporary Korea
Chronology of Korean Women's History
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