2019 Infokorea : An Essential Guide for Educators
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Infokorea is a magazine that introduces Korea to readers overseas, including teachers, textbook developers and other educators. The magazine offers the latest statistics on the Republic of Korea and articles that focus on Korean culture, society and history, which can be used as a reference source for textbook writers and editors and as materials for teachers to prepare for class.


● Statistics
1. Land, Population and Households
2. Employment, Labor, and Wages
3. Prices and Household Economy
4. Health and Welfare
5. Environment
6. Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
7. Mining and Manufacturing and Energy
8. Construction, Housing, and Land
9. Transportation and Information and Communications
10. Service Industry
11. Economy and Business Management
12. National Accounts and Regional Accounts
13. Public Finance, Finance, and Insurance
14. Trade and International Balance of Payments
15. Science and Culture
16. Public Administration

Statistics on Korean Education

● Feature
Traditional Korean Villages
Modern Korean Living Spaces: The Rise of Apartment Complexes
2019 Infokorea : An Essential Guide for Educators