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4050 62-3 [On this topic] Korean Science since the Colonial Period: Environment, Medicine, and Technology in Transwar Korea Jaehwan HYUN and John P. DIMOIA 2022-09 파일
4049 62-3 Revisiting Americanization: Focusing on the Reformation of Public Health in South Korea, 1945–1960 Ji-young PARK 2022-09 파일
4048 62-3 Revisiting Korean Family Planning (FP): Population and the pre-1962 Context John P. DIMOIA 2022-09 파일
4047 62-3 Reconfiguring Mountain Expeditions: The Transwar Origins of the Korean Nature Conservation Movement, 1926–1962 Jaehwan HYUN 2022-09 파일
4046 62-3 “Carving Nature Like a Piece of Artwork”: Hydrological Engineers’ Identity-building in Modern South Korea Seohyun PARK 2022-09 파일
4045 62-3 Exploring Report Tendencies of Korean Media on Social Inequality and Unfairness during the COVID-19 Period: A Semantic Network Analysis of Newspaper Articles Soobum LEE and Minho SONG 2022-09 파일
4044 62-3 A Muslim Intellectual in Korea: Abdürreşid İbrahim (1857–1944) and Situating Korea in the Pan-Asian World Order Muhammed Cihad KUBAT 2022-09 파일
4043 62-3 Restored Korean Ethnicity and China’s PostSocialist Local Development in the Mid-1970s and 1980s: Yanbian Koreans in Perspective Woo PARK 2022-09 파일
4042 62-3 From Enviable Other to One of Us?: Class, Militarized Masculinity and Citizenship among Korean Study Abroad Men Hee Jung CHOI 2022-09 파일
4041 62-3 [Book Review] Visual Politics and North Korea: Seeing Is Believing Se-Mi OH 2022-09 파일