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Korea Journal
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Num Vol-Issue Title Author(s) Date File
3947 60-2 [Book Review] The Myth of Looking Peter PAIK 2020-06 파일
3946 60-2 The Poet’s Ethics and Persona as Practitioner: The Korean Poetic Response to Colonialism in the 1930s Jinhee KIM 2020-06 파일
3945 60-2 The Distinctive Paintings of the Sun God and Moon Goddess in the Ancient Ohoebun Goguryeo Tombs Hyunkyoung SHIN, Minho KIM, and Udo MOENIG 2020-06 파일
3944 60-2 Prayers for Divine Protection: The Temple God (1885) of Heungcheonsa Temple and the Cult of Guan Yu Seunghye LEE 2020-06 파일
3943 60-2 Beyond Continuity: The Defiance of Ordinary Citizens and the 2016 Candlelight Protests in South Korea Ji-Whan YUN and Hee MIN 2020-06 파일
3942 60-2 Whose Law to Apply?: Kwon I-jin’s Official Report of a 1707 Waegwan Legal Dispute Bulran YOU 2020-06 파일
3941 60-2 United States-United Nations Relations in the Korean War: Focusing on the Conflict over Aid Operations and War Expenses Dongwon LEE 2020-06 파일
3940 60-2 Efforts by the Republic of China Government to Convert Chinese Communist Prisoners of War during the Korean War Young-sil PARK 2020-06 파일
3939 60-2 The Domestic Management and Media Coverage of Fallen Soldiers during the Korean War, 1950–1953 Sang-ho LEE 2020-06 파일
3938 60-2 From Occupation to War: Cold War Legacies of US Army Historical Studies of the Occupation and Korean War Yong Wook CHUNG 2020-06 파일