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Korea Journal
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Num Vol-Issue Title Author(s) Date File
3982 61-1 [On this topic] Global Perspectives on the Comfort Women Issue: Thirty Years after First Being Publicized You-ki MIN and Seung Eun OH 2021-03 파일
3981 61-1 Can the Comfort Women Speak?: Mainstream US Media Representations of the Japanese Military Sex Slaves Chanhaeng LEE 2021-03 파일
3980 61-1 The Butterfly Effect on Human Rights and Democracy: Perceptions of the Comfort Women Issue in French Journalism You-ki MIN 2021-03 파일
3979 61-1 Limits of Reflective Memory Culture: The German Media’s Understanding of the Japanese Military Comfort Women Issue, 1990–2019 Yong-suk JUNG 2021-03 파일
3978 61-1 Going Selective? British Media’s Coverage of the Comfort Women Woonok YEOM 2021-03 파일
3977 61-1 The Changbi Group’s East Asia Theory: Progressive Intellectual Discourses on Korean Unification and East Asian Peace Sung-Min KIM 2021-03 파일
3976 61-1 North Korean Patriotism: Assessing the Successes and Failures of a Nation Christopher GREEN and Steven DENNEY 2021-03 파일
3975 61-1 Reconstructing the National Heritage: Socialist Folk Music in North Korea and East Germany, 1945–1963 Peter MOODY 2021-03 파일
3974 61-1 Building the Post-Traumatic Nation: Mourning and Melancholia in Korean Films about the Gwangju Massacre Seung Cheol LEE 2021-03 파일
3973 61-1 Achievements and Challenges in the Centennial Anniversary Studies of the March First Independence Movement Tae-woo KO 2021-03 파일