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4101 63-4 [On this topic] Mapping North Korean Humanities Research Jong-wook HONG 2023-12 파일
4100 63-4 Researching North Korean Historiography with Digital Humanities Methodologies Intae RYU and Jong-wook HONG 2023-12 파일
4099 63-4 Joseon gogo yeongu: Analyzing and Visualizing the Field of Archaeological Research in North Korea from 1986 to 2019 Ilhong KO 2023-12 파일
4098 63-4 Reading Homer’s Iliad in North Korea: A Study on Lim Hak-Su’s Prefaces to His Three Translated Versions of the Iliad Heon KIM 2023-12 파일
4097 63-4 Korean Family Law Revisited: Focusing on the Revisions Related to Gender Equality Hyuna MOON and Minja Kim CHOE 2023-12 파일
4096 63-4 The Historical and Cultural Value of Anseong Catholic Church, South Korea, in the Local Community Myengsoo SEO, Young Jae KIM, and Jin Hong PARK 2023-12 파일
4095 63-4 The Zhonghua Community Strategy in the Early Joseon Dynasty: The Establishment of Rituals and the Change in Ming’s Attitude toward Joseon Sulsoo PARK and Hongkyu PARK 2023-12 파일
4094 63-4 Reform or Maintenance of the Land System as Executing Justice: A Comparison of Jeong Yakyong and King Jeongjo Jongwoo YI 2023-12 파일
4093 63-4 Unveiling Gender Polarization: The Rise of RightWing Populism and Anti-Feminism Sentiments among Idaenam Mandy Mun Yee CHAN 2023-12 파일
4092 63-4 Suffering the Insufferable: Experiences of North Korean Refugees as Political Subjects En Route to the Other Homeland Sang-Hee PARK 2023-12 파일