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4110 64-1 Korean Semiotics of the Face Mask: Meanings of the Mask, Meanings of Everyday Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic Jae-Mahn SHIM and Yongmoon KIM 2024-03 파일
4109 64-1 Ulleungdo and the Island Policy of the Joseon Period Lin-jian DAI 2024-03 파일
4108 64-1 Differences in Perceptions towards Japanese Colonial Era Heritage: A Case Study of Gunsan City’s Old Downtown Jayoo SEO and Chan PARK 2024-03 파일
4107 64-1 World Taekwondo (WT) versus the Kukkiwon: Disputes over Black Belt Promotional Rights Udo MOENIG and Hyun Min CHOI 2024-03 파일
4106 64-1 “The Danger Anyone Can Encounter”: Security Education Films, Overseas Travelers, and the Location of Global Mobility in South Korea in the 1980s Jiyoon KIM 2024-03 파일
4105 64-1 Making Amends: US Public Diplomacy Efforts in the Late 1980s to Address the Gwangju Democracy Movement Benjamin A. ENGEL 2024-03 파일
4104 64-1 The Phantomic We: Mapping the DMZ by Yong Soon Min Yookyoung CHOI 2024-03 파일
4103 64-1 [Book Review] Webtoons and Their Impact on the Korean Wave: An Accessible, if Simple, Introduction Thomas BAUDINETTE 2024-03 파일
4102 64-1 [Book Review] Remarkable History of North Korean Women and Their Movement in the Global Arena Cheehyung Harrison KIM 2024-03 파일
4101 63-4 [On this topic] Mapping North Korean Humanities Research Jong-wook HONG 2023-12 파일