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Korea Journal
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Num Vol-Issue Title Author(s) Date File
3972 60-4 [On this topic] Christianity, the Cold War, and the Construction of the Republic of Korea Henry EM 2020-12 파일
3971 60-4 Protestantisms and the Design of South Korea Kun-woo KIM 2020-12 파일
3970 60-4 Bishop Patrick Byrne and the Korean Catholic Church in Cold War Korea Jieun HAN 2020-12 파일
3969 60-4 Korean Sovereignty, Liberal Democratic Society, and the Underwoods, 1916–1951 Elizabeth UNDERWOOD 2020-12 파일
3968 60-4 Making Democracy Compatible with Mission: James Earnest Fisher as a Missionary and US Information Officer in Korea, 1919–1948 Jong-Chol AN 2020-12 파일
3967 60-4 “To Capture Minds and Wills”: Establishing Christian Radio Broadcasting in Cold War South Korea Paul S. CHA 2020-12 파일
3966 60-4 Christian Feminist Helen Kim and Her Compromise in Service to Syngman Rhee Haeseong PARK 2020-12 파일
3965 60-4 The March First Movement in America: The Campaign to Win American Support Brandon PALMER 2020-12 파일
3964 60-4 Yeohaksaeng on the Streets: The Participation and Marginalization of Yeohaksaeng in the April 19 Revolution Je-Yeon OH 2020-12 파일
3963 60-4 To be a Citizen in the World of Language: Cosmopolitanism in South Korea You Kyung SON 2020-12 파일