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Korea Journal
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4040 62-2 [On this topic] The Formation of Late Joseon Buddhism: Focusing on the Institutional and Socio-cultural Establishment Sung-Eun Thomas KIM 2022-06 파일
4039 62-2 The Establishment of Buddhist Cultivation Centers in Late Joseon Korea Jong-su LEE 2022-06 파일
4038 62-2 The Role of Laity in Rebuilding Buddhist Devotional and Material Culture in the Late Joseon Seunghye LEE 2022-06 파일
4037 62-2 Restoration and Legitimacy of the Bhiksu Precept Lineages in the Late Joseon Jarang LEE 2022-06 파일
4036 62-2 Reading Yi Kwangsu’s The Heartless in the Context of Benefit Concerts around 1910 Yunjeong JO 2022-06 파일
4035 62-2 Fan Fervor and Older Populations in South Korea: Devotees of YouTube Star Beodeuri Huikyong PANG, Haesoo LEE, and Yong-jin WON 2022-06 파일
4034 62-2 Understanding Yun Dong-ju through Husserl’s Phenomenology: Toward Hope in a Pandemic Situation Woosok CHOI and Sungchun LEE 2022-06 파일
4033 62-2 Female Mentors and Peers: A Heterogeneity Analysis of Gender Gaps in Attitudes towards STEM in South Korea Seo-Young CHO 2022-06 파일
4032 62-2 National History Textbooks in the Era of Global Citizenship Education: Coexistence of Global Objectives and Nationalist Narratives on the History of Ancient Korea Dong Jun JEONG and Eun Jung CHANG 2022-06 파일
4031 62-2 [Book Review] Cold War Cosmopolitanism: Period Style in 1950s Korean Cinema Kyu Hyun KIM 2022-06 파일