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Korea Journal
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  • Published On Quarterly in Mar. 31, Jun. 30, Sep. 30, Dec. 31
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Num Vol-Issue Title Author(s) Date File
3959 60-3 Political Implications of Court Art Under King Jeongjo: Aesthetics and Production of King Jeongjo’s Visit to Hwaseong Jaebin YOO 2020-09 파일
3958 60-3 Mun Ye-bong, a Partisan Maiden in a “Partisan State” Yun-Jong LEE 2020-09 파일
3957 60-3 Subculture of Young Korean Women: Seen through Independent Women’s Magazines Joo-eun LEE 2020-09 파일
3956 60-3 The Detective Appears: Rethinking the Origin of Modern Detective Fiction in Korean Literary History Sohyeon PARK 2020-09 파일
3955 60-3 On 1987: South Korean Cinema in the Era of Re-democratization Hieyoon KIM 2020-09 파일
3954 60-3 The Flow of the Masses and the Candlelight Demonstrations in South Korea YI-Jinkyung 2020-09 파일
3953 60-3 Forging Workers of Iron: The Politics of Memory and the Performance of Revolutionary Promise Jong Bum KWON 2020-09 파일
3952 60-3 History of Transborder Minorities and Their Invisibility Won KIM 2020-09 파일
3951 60-3 South Korea’s April Revolution through the Lens of West Germany Hannes B. MOSLER 2020-09 파일
3950 60-3 The Korean Student Movement and Ideological Circles from the 1960s to 1980s Jun KIM 2020-09 파일